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Effie Galletly


landscape artist

quilt maker


Effie Galletly shows images of her work online, highlighting those pieces inspired by the landscapes and structures of the Western Islands and Western Highlands of Scotland.

"The Hebridean Islands strike a powerful chord with me and set in motion ideas that I feel compelled to express."

From a short distance, the work looks like painting. The method of making is entirely like that of a traditional quilt. Over the last decade Effie has produced a substantial body of work focused on Scottish landscape.

"As a painter would create tone, texture, blend colours with the use of a brush, Effie has cleverly accomplished the same with her use of materials." Eilidh Whiteford  in The Hebridean

A number of the works in the galleries are now in private collections. Those still available can be found in all the galleries and can be recognised by the fact that their prices are still there in the information slot.

You will find an article, Another Bend in the Road, written by Effie about her work, on the Articles page. It was written for The Quilter (journal of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles) for their Spring issue 2016.

Patterns in Landscape

Effie's book, Patterns in Landscape, is now available in the website shop as well as two locations - Seallam! Visitor Centre on the Isle of Harris and Midsomer Quilting in Chilcompton, Somerset.

A quick introduction to the book on You Tube 

Here is what a couple of professionals have said:

Pat Mason, Art Tutor

The book looks beautiful.  The photography of the colours, textures and stitching is great and having it as a paperback makes it very accessible.

The way you handle and build up the topics is very imaginative and I think would be useful to a number of practitioners in different fields as well as textiles. Each chapter and page is like a building block, and the student is gently and continually reminded and reinforced with all that has gone before.

People really struggle with composition and tone but you make it seem achievable, and very helpful when dealing with colour.  I loved your graded squares like a Paul Klee painting!    Your work is all about light to me so marvellous to have parellels drawn to painters and catching the light at different times of day.  Also the importance of a passion for a place and to have a sense of place.

De Pickford, Midsomer Quilting, Somerset

I found Effie's beautifully presented book so easy to read.  She guides the wannabe landscape quilter in very clear steps from the initial concept through development to execution.  

Each part of the process is detailed with clear instruction on how to choose the subject matter, how to handle perspective, scale, colour and fabric, all the while encouraging individuality.  

Effie's classes at MQ have always been popular and inspirational and Patterns in Landscape is  bound to be the same. If you can't get to one of her workshops, this really is the next best thing - and if you have then you'll probably want it, too!

  • Hebridean Kaleidoscope

  • Low Hills on the Moor

  • Sheds under the Clisham

  • Crofters' Strips

  • Taransay from Scarista Beach, Harris

  • Colourful Lichen

Effie's Latest News

  • Pop Up Gallery Update....

    Sun 29/05/2016 2:36pm
    I have decided to extend the days of the Pop Up Gallery in Lewis. All details can be found... [more]

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Upcoming Events

  • Pop Up Gallery Event

    Effie and Michael's House: Tue 28/06/2016 10:30am - Sat 02/07/2016 4:30pm
    Effie and Michael are opening their home for five days (28th June - 2nd July 2016) to... [more]
  • 3-Day Summer Island Workshops 4th, 6th, 7th July 2016

    Barvas and Brue Community Centre: Mon 04/07/2016 10:00am - Thu 07/07/2016 3:30pm
    3 Day Summer Workshops 2016 are ready to be booked and there are still places available.&n... [more]
  • A Quilter's Eye on the Western Isles

    St. Leonard's CEP Academy: Mon 03/10/2016: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
    This is a local meeting for the 1066 Quilters in St Leonard's on Sea, East Sussex. [more]

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